Music Together Learn and Grow

Once each week, Music Together® students are given the chance to bond with their parent or caregiver in a nurturing and positive environment that emphasizes the joy of music. Our time together is free of competition. Students are encouraged - but not required - to participate. Our students are free to experience our award-winning program in their own way.

The Music Together® program is not just for the children that attend; their parents or caregivers become part of the experience as well. Because our program includes valuable educational information for parents, they learn and grow alongside their child in very real and lasting ways. In addition to enriching their appreciation for making music, parents and caregivers graduate from our classes with a new outlook on the relationship with their child.

Music Together® instructors and center directors receive extensive, specialized training that goes far beyond the ability to sing and share music with students. Based on a deeper understanding of a child's developmental stages and receptiveness to input, our certification process enables teachers to respond meaningfully to the needs of their classes.

Each of our 9 award-winning song collections has been specifically created to be easily absorbed while presenting enough challenge and musical variety to foster development. Each song has been arranged, performed and recorded by professional composers and Music Together® musicians. The collections contain a variety of original songs, world music and well-known classics, all featuring a wide range of tonalities and rhythms. Click on the links below to hear short samples of just a few of our songs.


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