Music Together Learn and Grow

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Studies show that early childhood exposure to music has lasting developmental benefits. Our affordable, weekly classes present a research-based, professionally developed curriculum designed to help families learn and grow by making music together. Hidden within the fun of our sing-alongs, dances and shared instrument play is an impactful education that children will carry forward for years. Music Together classes welcome children from birth to 5 years old along with a parent or caretaker.

Music Together Learn and Grow is an independent center serving Somerset County, New Jersey, currently offering classes in three locations: Bridgewater, Hillsborough, and Somerville. We have been trained and licensed to present the research-based programs developed by Music Together®, LLC. For nearly 30 years, the Music Together® program has been introducing families to our innovative brand of musical education. Today, Music Together® is an internationally recognized music program being taught in more than 40 countries worldwide!

At Music Together®, we understand the importance of experiencing music in early childhood, even as an infant. The truth is that most people are born with enough musical aptitude to grow up to play in a symphony orchestra as an adult if they choose. Therefore, the earlier we learn how to "speak music," the more likely we are to develop that musical aptitude. The sounds we make, our movements, our rhythms - these are the building blocks of music and of early childhood learning. And that's what Music Together® is all about.

Music is more than instruments and voices. It's more than rhythm and movement. Music is a powerful force that can inspire, create community, and build family bonds. And it can be life-changing to develop our inner music-maker as early as possible.

At the core of the Music Together® approach is the belief that children learn best from role models - parents, siblings and caregivers - who are actively making music at home. By providing a rich musical environment in the classroom and the encouragement to continue the experience at home, our program will soon become part of your family routine. As a result of this supportive approach, children can learn to sing in tune, keep a beat, and confidently participate in the music of their culture. By emphasizing actual music-making experiences, we introduce children to the pleasures of actively producing music instead of passively consuming it from iTunes or TV. Music Together® is a face to face, heart to heart, voice to voice, truly bonding experience.

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